This is who we are

Our team of experienced professionals help Swedish-based companies
navigate the complexities and challenges of starting, managing and growing a business in the U.S.

Who we were then

Our founder, Annette Gustafsson Guenther, first founded Law Offices A.E. Gustafsson in 1993. After years of providing Swedish companies entering the U.S. with legal and business advice, she recognized there was also a need for qualified non-legal business and administrative services when operating a business in the U.S. To meet these needs, SkyBridge Resource Center was established in 2007.

Who we are now

Today, SkyBridge has evolved to a team of 26 consultants, specialized in a range of business areas, offering everything from customized specific services from time to time to turn-key solutions to primarily Swedish-owned businesses in the U.S. The foundation of our operations and services is the understanding of differences and similarities between Sweden and the U.S.