Top five reasons to work with SRC

Business success often means selecting just the right business partner. Here are five reasons why working with us can help you succeed.

Expert guidance

Our experience is your competitive edge—for less.
It’s true that we are overqualified, but in a good way. Our team members possess the unique and diverse experience and extensive knowledge that you would expect from a much larger company. As a result, the companies that we work with receive qualified high-level professional advice and guidance. Plus we deliver it efficiently—without the big attitude and price tag.

Reliable partners

We are your long-distance on-the-job partner.
While you are handling business needs overseas, we are taking care of business for you in the U.S. Think of us as your extended arm that handles local matters.

Trustworthy teammates

We invest time creating a strong and trustworthy relationship.
We get to know you and your business’s market, products and people. The better we know you, the better we can serve your company. Our goal is to make sure that you are confident in our abilities and will view us as part of your team.


Outsourcing back office functions keeps your operational costs down and minimizes risk.
Just imagine how many people you would need to hire to fill all the varied roles required in running a business in the U.S. We estimate that our clients benefit from significant savings—as much as from 40 to 70 percent—when they partner with us, rather than recruiting, hiring, training and supervising their own personnel. You will enjoy one point of contact and no supervisory worries while being supported by a uniquely experienced and specialized team. Plus when you outsource your back office functions, you do not need to lease expensive office space and equipment, which saves you even more.

Good chemistry

People like working with people they like—and get more done that way.
We are fun to be around, and we think that you will enjoy working with us as much as we enjoy working with our clients. While you will sense our easy-going corporate culture the minute we meet, we are quite serious about what we do—and take pride in our work and in the high level of service that we offer.