Our Team

We help you focus less on bureaucracy and more on business.

Meet our highly skilled and experienced team.

Annette Gustafsson Guenther


Vicki Paavilainen

Chief Operating Officer and Director of Accounting Services, CPA

Jim Wilkes

Director HR/Client Services

Brian Keating

Director - IT Services

Chuck Canning

Senior Financial Controller, CPA

Bill Canning

Financial Controller, CPA

Maryann McDaniel

Financial Controller, CPA

Kristine Thornton

Financial Controller, CPA

Veronica Haefner

Client Services Representative

Hildi Grivetti

Accounting Support Services Controller

Jessica Hellberg

Financial Controller

Joe Gephart

Client Business Support Representative

Regina Jackson

Accounting Support Specialist

Jenna Jin

Client Services Representative

Sandy Martinez

Client Representative, Customer Service

Simonne Primo

Manager - Payroll Services

Patricia Schroeder

Client Services Representative

Gabe Serrano

Payroll Services Specialist

Katie Skodi

Customer Service Specialist

Arne Stegvik

Director, Sales and Distribution Services

Christine Straka

Client Service Specialist

Marie Svensson

Manager, Business Support Services

Erica Weber

Senior Client Representative, Customer Service

Eva Goryl

Internal Accountant

Martin Hayford

Marketing and Communications Coordinator